Dirty duck… done dirt cheap!

So, we’re hanging out at Wvrst, this funky beer ‘n sausage house on King Street West. This place is pretty much serving up Noah’s Ark on a plate, son! You’ve got pheasant, you’ve got boar, you’ve got elk and lamb and rabbit and a kangaroo too, to say nothing of all their funky takes on pork and beef sausages, paired with one of the longest beer lists I’ve ever seen…oh, and some of the best fries in Toronto, three years running!


Now, these aren’t just any regular fries, son. These are Dirty Duck Fries! They take duck-fat fries and top ‘em with peppers, jalapenos and onions, along with a special sauce that’s part gravy, part spicy. And all this for just $6.50, bro! I’m pretty sure I paid more than that for poutine at the Grey Cup—sad, but true!

Now, what meat would go best with these dirty fries done dirt cheap? No, not the lamb merguez—unless you’re from New Zealand—we’re talkin’ the meaty, beaty, big ‘n bouncy chicken of the outback…tie me kangaroo down, sport!


Man, this sausage is a real live wire! You’ve got a nice, gamey flavour, a cross between bison and wild boar, with a nice, tangy mix of herbs and spices. Topped with some onions and sweet red peppers, and it’s got me ringing Hell’s bells, bro! We’re going in to Sin City and the prize is sausage! The only thing that would make this better is some big ol’ meatballs on the side…


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