Daily Archives: December 4, 2016

Eatin’ all the meats @ Adamson’s

So, a couple weeks back, we went to Adamson’s Barbecue, this real-deal, industrial-strength, Texas-style BBQ joint deep in the heart of Toronto for some super-legit turkey dinner. Now that bird WAS the word, bro! But with so many great meats on offer, you know I couldn’t eat just one, so now we’re back to try everything else on the menu. Feast your eyes on this, friends:


Man, this plate has everything: beef brisket, pulled pork, a fall-off-the-bone rib, beans, coleslaw, white bread, pickles, onions…but of course that wasn’t quite enough food for me, so I also got a jalapeno/cheese-curd sausage on the side. Talk about an unexpectedly tasty flavour combination—turns out jalapenos and cheese curds go together like maple syrup on poutine! (Three words, bro: cabane à sucre!)


Now, in order to find the optimal method to shovel all this grub straight down my piehole, I put together an outta-bounds double-pork slammin’ sammy. Check it out—you’ve got some pulled pork, beans and coleslaw on white bread, and then I stuck a trio of sausage slices on top for that extra kick. Now, this might get a bit messy—some of the sauce from the beans was starting to soak through the bread—but I can tell you, it definitely tastes delicious!


What else can I possibly say about this plateful of perfection? The brisket was so tender I could cut pull it apart with a fork, the pulled pork just melts in your mouth, and that might actually have been the best rib I’ve ever had in my life—and dude, this is body by ribs, bro! Next time I go back, I might just get a whole plate of ribs…and you know, there is definitely gonna be a next time, sooner rather than later!

Now, I know what you’re asking…could he possibly eat all that meat and still have room for dessert? Clown question, bro!!!


Say hello to my little friend sweet potato pie! This super-delish dish is like pumpkin pie on steroids—it’s Canadian Thanksgiving on a crust, son! And you wouldn’t even know from eating it that this is the same stuff they make sweet potato fries with…it tastes totally different! But hey, I would totally go for a pie made outta sweet potato fries, with a side of chocolate/peanut-butter aioli. How is this not a thing yet!?