Hey, this McDonald’s hash brown burger actually ain’t bad…

OK, now listen up Mickey D’s, cuz a hash brown is not a rosti. I’ve had rosti before—it’s a can’t miss Swiss potato dish served up with fried eggs and spinach, not a hash brown on a hamburger. You ain’t foolin’ nobody with your Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger, bro!

The way I see it, because they won’t bring all-day breakfast to Canada, some suit-and-tie guy decided to do something about their surplus of hash browns. And hey, believe it or not, but this burger actually kinda works:


This thing is totally cruncherrific, dude! You’ve got the bacon bits, raw onions, and then the crispy, deep-fried potato. The processed cheese is melting all over the place, making it part cheese sauce, part amazing. And this is not your average bun, son! It’s even got oatmeal flakes on top…which has gotta be the healthiest thing I’ve eaten all week!


And then you’ve got these new, waffle-cut fries. They don’t make ‘em as often as the regular fries, so these spuds were Straight Outta Deep-Fryer and Crispy to the Max, son! This might be the single greatest thing I’ve ever had at McDonald’s—hell, if you put McDonald’s poutine on these babies, it might not even suck!!!

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