12 BEERS OF CHRISTMAS: A tallboy of Old Style Pilsner

For the first beer of Christmas, my Trudeau gave to me…


…a tallboy of Old Style Pilsner!


Dude, this down-home, pride-of-Saskatchewan swill has been a Western Canadian classic even before Terry and Deaner first shotgunned it in FUBAR or a young Scott Speedman sung its praises in Kitchen Party. Rumour has it that if you go to a Riders game, and you’re not wearing a box of Pilsner as a cowboy hat, they’ll push you into a snowbank, or something even worse…

For a while, this was the cheap ‘n shitty beer I used to chug back home in Calgary (along with glacier-fresh-tasting Kokanee), but when I moved to Toronto, you couldn’t find it anywhere, bro! That all changed in 2013, though, and I’ve been slammin’ ’em down ever since!

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