12 BEERS OF CHRISTMAS: Wellington Loaded Lager

For the third beer of Christmas, my Trudeau gave to me…


…Wellington Loaded Lager (plus some pierogis)

loaded_pierogi (1)

Dude, you can only find this local light lager at one place–and that’s the Loaded Pierogi! Actually, make that three places, since they’ve opened a couple new locations since the last time I was there. And man, this place has everything: pulled pork, duck confit, Philly cheesesteak…or you can be like me and get the loaded surf ‘n turf, with lobster, crab and steak, son!

The local house brew has a clean, crisp, easy-drinking taste…kinda like Coors Light, but not quite. But hey, if you’re slamming down 17 pierogis with steak, lobster and crab on top, you don’t really wanna be drinking a heavy Russian Imperial Stout, amirite?

READ MORE: Loaded Pierogi’s serving up surf, turf ‘n earth, son!

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