12 BEERS OF CHRISTMAS: Mill St. Distillery Root Beer

For the fifth beer of Christmas, my Trudeau gave to me…


…Mill St. Distillery Root Beer!

mill_st_root_beer (3)

Christmas Day brings an extra-special gift from Mill St. Brewery. They’ve actually been making non-alcoholic root beer since 2009, but this summer, they decided to mix it with their Vanilla Porter Bierschnaps, and a new brew was born!

This suped-up sarsaparilla is sweet, but not too sweet, and pretty much tastes like your regular root beer…but with a nice, boozy kick to it. I first tried it at the Taste of Toronto, where it went down smooth with an avocado popsicle. Aaaaand then I ate 11 other things.

Anyways, it might not be summer anymore, but you can still find this stuff at a buncha LCBOs, including a suspiciously large stash in Scarborough. Can you say Distillery Root Beer party at the moontower, bro?

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