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12 BEERS OF CHRISTMAS: Sam Adams Cinder Blonde Gratzer

For the 10th beer of Christmas, my Trudeau gave to me…


…Sam Adams Cinder Blonde Gratzer


Sam Adams is kinda like the George Washington of craft beers–y’know, the founding father of the whole shebang. So, back on Toronto Beer Week, when Sammy was throwing an open-bar party, you know I was gonna be there with flip-flops on, son!

Now, they did have a fish-taco table and a mac ‘n cheese station, but the main reason I went was to try a buncha different brews, bro. The only Sam Adams beer you can find in Toronto is the Boston Lager, which ain’t bad, but it’s really just scratching the surface. At this event, they brought out a handful of other beers I had never even heard of, including this beauty, the Cinder Blonde Gratzer.

Now, lemme tell ya, this beer was something else. It’s pretty light on the booze (4.4%) and the bitterness (14 IBU), but more than makes up for it with the smokiness. I think they actually use actual cinder blocks in the brewing process, cuz this brew tastes like a fireplace…in the best way possible. I betcha it would go great with some righteous barbecue–maybe some Cleveland-style lamb ribs?

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