Daily Archives: January 2, 2017

If Drake was a chicken finger, this is the kind of chicken finger he’d be

So we’re hanging out at the ACC, watching some barely legal boys hockey, Switzerland versus Trumpistan, and I’m hungry like a hippo, bro! I see they no longer serve Philly cheesesteak–which is probably a good thing–but all of the options ain’t looking too tasty…until I saw the Hot Lime Bling. You know that can only mean one thing–straight down my piehole, bro!


Alright, here’s the deal. They take chicken fingers, dip ’em in Frank’s Red Hot, put some grated parm on top and a little lime on the side. This actually tastes pretty good–the acid from the lime offsets some of the heat, and hey, the fries are hot and crispy. But 13 bucks for three little fingers!? That’s like a backroom shakedown in Flavourtown!