LITTLE TOKYO: King Curry Challenge…accepted!

Now, there’s this funky little Japanese joint called Gyugyuya, which sounds like one of my heavy-metal warmup exercises from The Zen of Screaming. And you won’t find any sushi, sashimi or Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake at this place–all they do is curry. I’ve walked past this place a buncha times, and I’ve always seen the sign in the window for the King Curry Challenge. Since it’s my New Year’s Resolution to complete more eating challenges, you know I’m all over this one, son!


This dish is so far outta bounds that China’s trying to make a land claim on it, bro! You’ve got pork katsu to the left of me, chicken katsu to the right, and here I am, stuck in the middle of a whole buncha rice smothered in a thick curry sauce. I know what you’re thinking, “How the heck does he even eat this?” With a spork, son!


Now, I wasn’t too sure what to attack first, so I just went at ‘er. Both kinds of katsus are super-crunchy, giving us our very own soundtrack of our lives. The sausage was super-hot and crispy, and the hard-boiled egg slices added some coolness to a very temperature-hot dish. There was also a bit of slaw on the side, and one lonely breaded shrimp. But what really fills you up is the rice, and the thick ‘n heavy sauce. I’m pretty sure I could gas up the Camaro with this stuff, broseph!

That being said, this was just a light snack compared to the 64 pieces of sushi I scarfed down yesterday. I didn’t really start feeling full until I had about four or five pieces of katsu left. And you know that we don’t stop until we’re done!!!


Turns out, this wasn’t some sort of timed challenge, like “finish in 30 mins and its free.” And that’s a bit of a bummer, cuz if it was, I wouldda saved me $20.99 (plus tax), bro!!!!

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