LITTLE TOKYO: The mother of all ramen

Now, there’s a whole buncha places serving up ramen in Toronto, but most people will tell you, Sansotei is the best. And lemme say, this place is tiny–they’ve got four six-top tables, two four-top booths and a counter for two up front. And people line the fuck up for this stuff, bro! They open at 11, and you gotta get there by 11:15 to get a seat. By 11:35, there was already five people waiting outside–on a Wednesday–and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet!

So, was this Japanese noodle soup really worth waiting for? Maybe not, but I got there early enough to grab the middle seat at a table for six, so, y’know…


They call the tonkotsu their signature ramen, and it’s got my presidential seal of approval. You’ve got roast pork, soft-boiled egg, black fungus (only black fungus is real!) and green onion in a salty, pork-bone broth. They give you the choice of thick or thin noodles, but I went with the thin “for the most authentic and delicious experience,” like it says on their website. Aaaand that’s about the only time you’ll see the word “thin” on Triple B, bro!!! 😉

Now, I still don’t really know how to use chopsticks–they don’t teach us this stuff in Calgary, dude–but I was able to shovel some of the noodles, pork and egg onto the spoon with ’em, which worked well enough for me. I don’t eat ramen very often, and this ramen did not change my life, but hey, $10.50 for a yuuuge bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day ain’t a bad deal, bro!!!!

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