LITTLE TOKYO: It’s like sushi on steroids, bro!

Now, I may not be the world’s biggest sushi fan, but I loves me some burritos, so if you put the two together, then I shouldn’t have any problem with that. And over at Rolltation, this funky little joint in Little Tokyo, they’ve found a way to turn burritos Japanese that would make Kirsten Dunst jealous!

Basically, this stuff is like sushi on steroids. They’ve got six different rolls to choose from, whether you want beef, chicken, veggie, or seafood, son! Now, I couldda gone for a classic salmon, or maybe a wasabi tuna, but you know that if there’s beef on the menu, then I’m about to shove it straight down my piehole. Say hello to my little friend kimchi beef burrito:


Man, we’ve got all kindsa ridiculous flavours rolled up in here. First of all, there’s a hunka, hunka Korean beef, then you’ve got a nice tang from the kimchi, some crunchy carrots and lettuce, cold asparagus, kidney beans and avocado, bro! Now, you’d think some of this stuff would need to be warmed up–at least the meat, anyways–but since sushi, like revenge, is a dish best served cold, it actually comes together quite nicely.

And hey, one of my biggest burrito pet peeves is when you get all the meat on one side, and the veggies on the other, so it’s impossible to find that perfect bite. But here, the meat is distributed evenly, so while you might end up with three bites of asparagus at once, or a whole mouthful of avocado, at least there’ll be some beef in there, too.

Now, for $12.99, this is quite a bit pricier than, say, Burrito Bandidos, but it’s definitely something you don’t see every day…like Kirsten Dunst in a schoolgirl outfit:

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