Gelato Battalo Royalo: Arte vs. Dolce

So, last week we’re chillin’ like a villain with some super-sweet eats, son! Cuz when it’s 275 degrees in Toronto, you know we needs some ice-cold refreshment. And no, I ain’t talkin’ no ice cream man, bro! I want an orgasmo italiano in my mouth-o! So we’ve found two of the funkiest gelato joints in the city, and it’s all a question of art or sweetness. Let’s break it down:

Arte Gelato (946 Bloor St W)

arte_gelato (6)

This cozy corner cafe sits halfway between Ossington and and Dufferin, but they get their ingredients from halfway around the world. Right here we’ve got hazelnut topped with a sweet dulce de leche flavour that’s got some real raspberries thrown right in. It’s like two scoops of funky in Flavourtown!

Dolce Gelato (414 Danforth Ave)

dolce_gelato (2)

Now, at Dolce on the Danforth, they’ve got more flavours than Flava Flav’s Flavor of Love! There was so many different kinds of chocolate I didn’t know which one to choose from. But I ended up with the cherry chocolate, and then the marshmallow, with some graham crackers on top!? That’s like S’mores Gone Wild, son!

While I could eat both of these gelatos all day, and all of the night, I gotta give the edge to Dolce. Man, you could put graham crackers on a flip-flop, and it would still taste good!!!!

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