Daily Archives: June 7, 2017

Ice Cream Rolls Gone Wild, bro!!!!

Now, if you’re heading down to Chinatown, you might see a sign on Dundas Street for Thai ice cream rolls. I actually tried this delicious dessert last summer, but at Kooj Express, they funk it up a notch with more toppings than you can shake a skull ring at, son!

Now, this place is a bit of a hidden gem. You walk in, and they’ve got a buncha Chinese food sitting under heat lamps, like you’d find in a food court. But in the middle of the room, there’s this real-deal Rolltation 9000 cranking out frozen rolls of deliciousness, righteous bros!!!

thai_ice_cream_rolls (8)

This sweet scoop is heading straight down my piehole, son! You’ve got bananas, M&Ms, strawberries and a marshmellow on top of ice-cold chocolately goodness. And you can choose up to five toppings, so I couldda added one more, but unfortunately, they were all out of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Maybe next time, though?