It’s a beef, it’s a pork… No, it’s a pulled lamb sammy, bro!!!

Now, you might have heard by now that I loves me some lamb. Whether it’s lamb chops, lamb ribs, or the multi-meat monstrosity known as the Lamb, Sea and Air Burger, you know that if it goes baa-baa black sheep, it’s heading straight down my piehole! So when I heard that Museum Tavern, this funky little joint on Bloor Street, was serving up pulled lamb sammiches, I made like Mary and moseyed on down, dude!!!!

pulled_lamb_sandwich (5)

Now this dish has just about everything I love about Greek food. You’ve got feta cheese, you’ve got green olives, pickled red onions and arugula–and then there’s this zingy harrisa mayo that really kicks it up a notch. Dude, this is body by harrisa mayo, bro! But it wouldn’t be a Play Along without Lamb Chops, and I gotta say, this lamb is legit! It’s kind of a cross between roast lamb and braised beef in the texture department, while still giving you a nice chew. And dude, this thing is even bigger than a Subway panini! Pretty sure I could still slam at least three of these, though…

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