Kicking off football season with a strong red beer!

Last year’s Grey Cup between Calgary and Ottawa was an all-time classic. I was right there on the goal-line when the Stamps tied it up late in the fourth quarter…only to lose in OT at the other end. And now, we’ve got not one, but two rematches to start the CFL season, starting tonight in the nation’s crapital.

Now, when it comes to football, you know I’m crackin’ cold ones, son, and tonight is no exception. I’ve got a fridge fully stocked of Dinner Jacket O’Red IPAs for every time those wannabe lumberjacks make it into the end zone…which probably won’t happen too often, but I’ll be prepared, just in case.


Now, when my team gives up a touchdown, I like to drink one per cent of alcohol for every point scored—so at 6.3%, this beer is pretty much perfect. And with 60 IBUs, it’s a pretty bitter brew…but not as bitter as the REDBLACKS fans will be when we take back the Cup in Ottawa this year!



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