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How many fajitas can you faj-eat-a?

Is there anybody on the planet who doesn’t like fajitas? I’d hope not–that’s like a lifetime sentence with no parole in Flavourtown County Jail, bro! So when I heard that Montana’s was serving up all-you-can-eat fajitas–but only for a limited time–I knew I needed to get my fajita fix on…even if I had to go all the way out to Etobicoke to get it!

Now, the deal is you can have unlimited chicken or shrimp, with all the fixin’s, but after starting you off with a full skillet, they bring out smaller plates for seconds, thirds and fourths. Most people could not handle more than a second helping, but for me, this is where I get my money’s worth–and then some, son!

montanas_ayce_fajitas (2)

So, we started off with chicken, pat you on the back and say pleeeeease. All I had to eat up to this point was a six-inch “chicken” sandwich from Subway, so you could say these disappeared pretty quickly.

montanas_ayce_fajitas (8)

Order number two came just in the shrimp of time, with seven sizzling shrimp on a hot plate. This is pretty much only equal to two fajitas in Flavourtown, so I scarfed these down in less time than it takes to slip out of a RompHim!

montanas_ayce_fajitas (13)

The second helping of chicken took a little longer to arrive, and it was much smaller than the first. I mean, I’ve seen more chicken than this in a Subway “chicken” sandwich! This is just a light snack in Flavourtown, and it was on to the next one before you could say “Where’s the beef, bro!?”

montanas_ayce_fajitas (16)

This shrimp platter was pretty heavy on veggies, and they didn’t even chop up the onions much at all. I guess they wanted me to fill up on crunchy stuff, or something. Well, I guess they succeeded. After polishing off this plate, I only had room for two bites of a churro ice cream sandwich for dessert!!!! 😦 😦 😦

montanas_ayce_fajitas (17)