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If you stick a chicken finger inside a flatbread, is it still fast food?

Now, I haven’t been to KFC since they ditched the Double Down, but when I heard they were serving up a new Kentucky Flatbread in a box with a buncha other stuff for five bucks, I was all over that like Guy Fieri freebasing chicken base and garlic salt, bro!

5_dollar_fillup (1)

Now, this box don’t look like much when you pop the hood, but on the inside, you’ve got popcorn chicken, fries, a chocolate chip cookie, and this finger lickin’ monstrosity in Flavourtown:

kfc_kentucky_flatbread (2)

Now, even though this sammy came pre-wrapped, the chicken tender was nice and hot when it hit my face. You’ve got a nicely seasoned strip of the Colonel’s Original Recipe, some shredded lettuce and pepper mayo, all inside a cold, crusty bread vessel! OK, so it’s no Jamaican jerk patty double down, but at five bucks a pop, that’s a better deal than I get from my chicken-base-and-garlic-salt vendor, broski!!!