And I ran… straight into this Flock of fried chickens!!!

Now, I had been hearing good things about Flock, this funky ol’ chicken shack on Harbord Street, for a little while–and now, I finally got the chance to check it out. Basically, if you’re going here, you’ll have the chicken. And man, this place has everything: chicken soup, chicken salad, winner winner chicken dinner, chicken sammies, chicken tacos… But you know I like my chicken fried just about as much as a cold beer on a Friday night–so me, I’m gonna order the five-piece fried chicken platter:

flock_fried_chicken (6)

Dude, this basket is so far outta bounds. it ended up on the opposite fairway–yuuup, that’s a golf reference, bro! The chicken is super-hot and crispy, straight outta the fryer, and you’ve got a tangy pickle, crunchy slaw, a hot, buttery biscuit and a whole mess of hot sauce on the side. Duuude, Whole Mess of Hot Sauce on the Side was my nickname in Sunday school!!!

flock_fried_chicken (9)

Of course, that hot sauce tastes even better when you smother it on a drumstick! It’s got a creamy, buttery kick that goes great with the crunchaliciousness of the chicken, and a couple bites of pickle’ll cool it off nicely. Dude, this is like dinner AND a movie for one in Flavourtown! And you know I made sure there was no crumb left behind, bro!!!!!

flock_fried_chicken (32)


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