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Eat or get off the hot pot, bro!!!!

Now, when it comes to all you can eat, I’m all over it, dude! Man, I’ve crushed some all you can eat wings, all you can eat tacos, all you can eat sushi and even all you can eat Brazilian seafood (although that place has since shut down). But this place–this whole concept, really–was totally new to me. All you can eat hot what???

So, we’re hanging out at Chine Legendary Hot Pot & Noodles, right in the heart of downtown Chinatown, just a couple blocks from Dundas and Spadina. Like an AYCE sushi joint, they give you a menu card to fill out with all sorts of meat ‘n veggies–and then you pick your own broth, which comes in a pot, which they put on top of a burner in front of you, like so:

chine_hot_pot (8)

So, the boiling water cooks all the meat, fish ‘n veggies in a matter of minutes, then you just hafta scoop it out and shovel it straight down your piehole, bro!

chine_hot_pot (11)

It’s like steak ‘n mushrooms gone wild in Flavourtown, son!!!

chine_hot_pot (15)

I never knew that lobsters had balls…but these lobster balls are outta bounds, bro!!!

chine_hot_pot (19)

This forkful’s like “I see your steak ‘n mushroom, and raise you lamb and mushroom, bro!”

chine_hot_pot (22)

Now, I don’t remember who ordered the spam, or why I thought eating spam would be a good idea, but it turns out that even after heating it up in a hot pot, spam does not taste good!!!!

chine_hot_pot (25)

Oh, did I mention there were noodles, too? These thick, springy ropes of Udon put the Noodles in Chine Legendary Hot Pot & Noodles!

chine_hot_pot (31)