Smokin’ some wings @ 420 Smokehouse

Happy 420, dudes! We’re hanging out at 420 Smokehouse, this friendly neighbourhood bar & grill appropriately located at 420 Parliament Street. (And here you was thinking this joint was a head shop!) Now, this place does NOT do Texas-style barbecue—there ain’t no beef brisket on the menu, bro! But if you’re into chicken ‘n ribs, they’ve got you covered. And they’re serving up a pound of smoked wings for just 12 bucks:

420_smoked_wings (6)

Now, I’ve had some smoked chicken wings before where you really get a ton of smoky flavour—but that’s not the case here. After taking ‘em outta the smoker, they stick these ones in the deep fryer…which is how you’re normally supposed to make wings, anyways. And while it sounded like it would be awesome, the 420 Wellington Ale BBQ sauce didn’t add much of a kick. I’d say these wings were pretty much on par with St. Louis Bar & Grill.

But hey, on the plus side, they’re serving up pints of Pickup Truck Pilsner for just 6 bucks until 7 pm! You KNOW there’s something ‘bout a truck, bro!!!!

pickup_truck_pilsner (1)

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