NASHVILLE NOSH: You know I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night…

Just got back from Nashville, and boy, is my mouth tired! We’ll be sharing some of Music City’s funkiest eats over the next two weeks–starting with this local taste sensation, son!

So, we’re hanging out at Party Fowl, the official hot chicken joint of the Tennessee Titans. And this place is funking it up with hot chicken poutine, hot chicken nachos, and this delicious pairing, the Chicken B&B:

chicken_n_beignets (2)

So, they take a boneless chicken breast, do it up hot chicken style, and pair it with three sugary pillows of deep-fried goodness–I’m talkin’ bout beignets, bro!

nashville_hot_chicken (12)

Now, the thing with hot chicken is that it’s not an overpowering kick–more like a slow burn. The first couple bites are no problemo, but then the heat builds as you go along. I only got the mild, which was still plenty spicy–I can’t imagine what the Poultrygeist tastes like!

party_fowl_beignets (7)

At least these beignets took a bit off the heat off. These warm dough pockets were smothered in powdered sugar and drizzled with a bourbon glaze for just a bit of a kick. I could definitely eat these all day, dude!!!


hot_chicken_pizza (8)

Now The Stillery on 2nd Ave does have a hot chicken sandwich, but they’re also kicking it up a notch with this hot chicken pizza. Man, it may not be in the original recipe, but I’m a big believer that putting bacon on everything makes it taste better…and you can’t go wrong with the amount of bacon on this here pie, bro!

chicken_scratch_pilsner (3)

And of course, if you’re eating hot chicken, you’ll wanna cool it down with an ice cold beer. And what better beerski than Chicken Scratch, a refreshing pilsner from local brew house Little Harpeth. Why did the chicken cross the road? To head straight down my beerhole, broski!!!!!


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