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NASHVILLE NOSH: Catch us up a little catfish dinner!

So, we’re hanging out at Acme Feed & Seed, this big ol’ honky-tonk right at the bottom of Broadway–which makes it the perfect place to kick off a night on the town. This place has got at least three floors, and there’s like a sushi bar or something, but the ground floor is where it’s at, with live bands and real-deal southern cooking, like this winner, winner catfish dinner:

acme_catfish_dinner (6)

Now, this dish is too legit to quit, bro! The fish is nice and flaky, with a crispy batter that tastes great with or without tartar sauce. Sides of fries and slaw, but what makes it are the hush puppies:

acme_catfish_dinner (10)

These crispy deep-fried balls of cornbread are like great balls of fire in Flavourtown! And you know, since I’m in the Music City, I gotta start my night with a Music City Light:

music_city_light (2)

Now, for a beer with Light in it, this is pretty dadgum tasty! It’s got enough of a wheaty, citrusy finish that you don’t feel like you’re drinking just water. I think I’m about to crush seven of these, bro!!!