Daily Archives: September 13, 2017

I’m about to go all Kung Fu Panda on this funky Fu-Schnicken sammy!

So, we’re hanging out at Fresh Off the Boat, this funky fresh seafood sammy shop on Queen St W. Now, this ain’t no Joe’s Crab Shack, bro! Sure, they’ve got lobster rolls and fish ‘n chips, but they’re also serving up a funky catfish bahn mi, a mac-daddy soft-shell crabwich…oh, and this Frankenstein of funk in Flavourtown, the Fu-Schnicken:

fu-schnicken_sandwich (16)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got a one-two punch of Korean-style beef and crunchy tiger shrimp. There’s a bit of a kick from the kim chi, and a tangy house aioli, with a nice sprig of fresh cilantro on top. And these fries are outta bounds, bro! Thick and crispy, with a whole lotta salt, the way you’d get at a real-deal chip shop. The only thing that’s missing is the malt vinegar—oh wait, it’s on the table, next to the ketchup and the sriracha!!!