EATS OF BALTIMORE: Pit beef sandwich, plus sausage!

So, we’re hanging out at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market, a weekly gathering spot underneath an overpass on Sundays for 40 years. Now, you’ve got all kinds of fresh seafood and fresh veggies, but I came here for one thing, and one thing only: grilled meat, bro!


Beef Barons has been serving up pit beef—a Baltimore tradition—since 1975. It’s sorta like prime rib, but cooked in an open-faced smoker. And not only that, but they’re grilling up some sausages, too. So when I heard you could get pit beef AND sausage served up in the same sammish, I was all over that like mustard on a corn dog, bro!!!

pit_beef_sandwich (5)

Ok, so let’s break it down. The beef is super tender, melt in your mouth, cooked up a nice medium rare (but you can order yours just the way you like it). And then the sausage is super-meaty, nice snap to the casing, sorta like a breakfast link on steroids. Dude, with this much meat, who needs any veggies, bro???


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