EATS OF BALTIMORE: Holy crab fondue on a cracker!

So, we’re hanging out at Watertable, this classy joint in a Renaissance Hotel on top of a mall with fifth floor views of the Inner Harbor. Now, I gotta say this was a bit of a bait and switch—their online menu mentions delicious dishes like crab poutine and a pork belly PB&J, but when I got there, they were nowhere to be found. Dude, you gotta update that website, bro!

watertable_crab_fondue (2)

So instead, I went with this funky crab fondue. You’ve got these chunks of fresh crab in a cream sauce, with a bit of Old Bay for that extra kick. They call this a sharing plate, but you KNOW it’s only a light snack in Flavourtown!

prime_rib_sandwich (5)

This ain’t no namby-pamby prime rib sammy! You’ve got a pile of thin-sliced prime rib, lettuce, tomato and a nice horseradish donkey sauce on top. Fries on the side are hot ‘n crispy, but the sandwich itself is served cold.

OK, so I might be a little miffed that I paid 19 bucks for deli meat..but it was still pretty good.

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