The devil’s in the bottles…of Green Devil IPA!

Found these on the bottom shelf at the LCBO the other day, where they were on sale–normally it’s like $7.50 a bottle, but they were selling for $4.50. I guess they wanted to make room for something else–there were only five left. And hey, while I’m not the biggest fan of IPAs, whenever I can buy a 700 ml bottle of imported British beer for less than a Canadian at a Chinese restaurant, you know I’m all over that like red on Satan!!!!

green_devil_IPA (8)

Now, they may call it Green Devil, but this ain’t no St. Patty’s Day beer, bro! You’ve got a nice, golden colour, with a bit of a kick from the Citra hops, but it’s actually not too bitter. This beer goes down pretty smooth, although it kinda sneaks up on ya with the 6% alcoholic kick.

Anyways, I don’t know that I’d go outta my way to buy this again, but if I saw it at a bar that mostly served Molson Canadian, then yeah, I’d probably order one… Cheers, mate!

green_devil_IPA (14)

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