This West Coast Red Ale DOESN’T need more Cowbell!

So, I was at the LCBO, picking up some Steamwhistle for the Flames and Leafs game, when I looked up at the top shelf, and spotted this righteous brew. I mean, the name of the brewery is Cowbell, so it’s gotta be good, right?

This beer’s got a bit of an interesting back story, to boot. The small town of Blyth, a couple hundred clicks west of T-Dot, had a vet in the 1800’s with a pet bobcat. One time, when he was out drinking brewskis with his broskis, some dumb bartender cut him off—so he brought the wildcat to the bar! Now that’s badass, bro!!!

doc_purdues_bobcat (17)

I gotta say, this brew takes Rickard’s Red out behind the woodshed, dude! You’ve got a nice, citrusy finish, not too bitter (30 IBU) with just a bit of an extra kick (5.5%). Man, I could slam sixteen of these before bringing my bobcat back to the bar, bro!!!!

doc_purdues_bobcat (11)

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