It’s like the ham & pineapple pizza of tacos, bro!!!

So we’re hanging out at King’s Tacos, this funky family joint that’s been serving it up on St. Clair West since the 80’s. Now this place is the real deal, super-legit Mexican food, bro—they even import their tortillas from Mexico! And you know they’ve got lengua, they’ve got barbacoa, they’ve got tacos al pastor…but they’ve also got a whole buncha funky, house-made creations that you won’t find anywhere else—like these Hawaiian tacos, bro!

hawaiian_tacos (2)

OK, so here’s the deal. You pay 17 bucks and they give you a plate full of ham, pineapple, beef, bacon and cheese, with a side container of hot, fresh, corn tortillas. It’s a party in my mouth, bro! You’ve got the sweetness from the pineapples, a nice chew from the ham, some crispness from the bacon…and then you throw some beef in there. Dude, who needs pizza when you’ve got tacos???

hawaiian_tacos (16)

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