Legit lamb skewers at Toronto’s OG Middle-Eastern joint!

So, we’re hanging out at Jerusalem Restaurant, the first place in Toronto to serve up Middle-Eastern food, waaay back in 1971. Now, I’m a pretty big fan of this type of cuisine. You KNOW I love the shawarma bro, and I’ll scarf down pretty much anything with lamb in it. So when I heard they were serving up two lamb skewers with a whole mountain of fries for $17.95, I was all over that like Yair Netanyahu at a strip club, son!!!

jerusalem_lamb_kebab (13)

The lamb is super tender, with a nice grilled taste, but not too much charcoal. Fries are hot and crispy, and the salad has some green stuff in it. I don’t always eat salad, but in this case, the meat-to-veggie ratio here was just about right. I think I coulda gone with some more pita bread instead though, bro!!!

jerusalem_pita_bread (3)

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