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FLAVOURTOWN OLYMPICS: Pounding some German brewskis, bro!!!

Dude, Germany beat Sweden at hockey!? Men’s hockey!!!??? Man, that never happens! I mean, the last time Germany won anything was…actually, I can’t even think of a time when Germany won. Talk about a major upset–and a righteous reason to break out the German smoke beer, bro!

Marzen_Smoke_Beer (4)

Dude, so we’re hanging out at Laylow, this cozy craft beer joint on College, where they’re serving up some Maerzen Schlenkerla smokebeer, straight outta Bamburg! This brew is rich, dark and smokey, and about eight bucks a bottle at the bar. Now, I dunno about the game tomorrow, but I’m guessing these tasty brewskis won’t be the only Germans getting pounded by some Canadians!!!!

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