Pounding 40 40-cent wings at The Pint!

So we’re hanging out at The Pint, this massive new sports bar just a Darwin Barney groundout away from the Rogers Centre. If you can’t make it to the game, this place seems like a pretty good place to watch it, with like 57 TVs, a whole buncha sports photos, and 40 different kinds of wings, bro! And on Wing Wednesdays, those wings are just 40 cents each!!!!

This means you can get one regular order of wings (10 wings, or a pound) for four bucks, but at that price, I don’t want just 10 wings—I can probably eat at least 40!

40_cent_wings (1)

Now, they don’t let you do one flavour per wing—instead it’s one flavour per pound. So I started off with some Kansas City BBQ wings along with a pound of Montreal Spiced. The KC wings had a little smoke, and quite a bit of heat, while the dry-rubbed Montreal wings were crispy, crunchy and just a little spicy.

guinness_bbq_wings (2)

After eating 20 wings to start, I knew I still had room for more, so I doubled down with some Guinness BBQ wings and some Pineapple Curry wings. The Guinness wings tasted like they put Bull’s Eye Guinness BBQ sauce on them, which is not an unpleasant flavour.

pineapple_curry_wings (3)

But the pineapple curry might have been my personal favourite. You’ve got some sweetness from the pineapple sauce, and a pretty good hit of curry powder…I could probably polish off 40 of these alone! (Maybe next Wednesday?)


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