Alberta Lamb: It’s the other red meat!

Now, when you enter Alberta, there’s this great big sign that says Welcome to Beef Country…or at least there will be after Jason Kenney gets elected. Growing up in Calgary, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be eating steak, but one thing I’d never heard of before was Alberta lamb. I thought all lambs came from New Zealand, or something…

So, now we’re hanging out at Montecito, this funky upscale joint just a stage cigarette pass away from the Royal Alexandra, Scotiabank Theatre and the TIFF Bell Lightbox. This place is owned by Ivan Reitman, the man who brought you Stripes and Ghostbusters, so you know it’s gotta be good! And on the menu, they’re serving up Canadian culinary classics like Quebec Venison, Fogo Island Cod…and Alberta Lamb Sirloin.

montecito_alberta_lamb (6)

Now, you KNOW I love lamb, bro, but this might be the greatest lamb dish in Flavourtown history! You’ve got these thick, tender slices of lamb steak, served medium rare, with lamb sausage, navy beans and chunks of bacon–dude, Chunks of Bacon was my nickname in culinary school! About the only thing that could make this better is if you added some wild mushrooms on the side… Oh, wait!!!

montecito_mushrooms (4)

Now, you know that after slamming down a 36-dollar lamb dinner, this cowboy’s still got room for dessert. And this sweet treat is brought to you by the StayPuft Marshmallow Man himself:

montecito_staypuft_marshmallow (4)

Say hello to my little friend StayPuft Semifreddo. I’m pretty sure he had a small role in The Godfather, Part III. What you’ve got here is a chocolate ganache, with graham-cracker crumbs and a whole buncha marshmallow fluff on the side. Dude, this is body by marshmallow fluff, bro!!!!

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