Eating all the tacos @ Tallboys

Man, Taco Tuesday is probably my favourite day of the week-even though we can’t call it that anymore because Taco Time owns the trademark. But that don’t stop me from eating tacos non-stop, bro! So, we’re hanging out at Tallboys, this friendly neighbourhood craft beer joint around Bloor and Ossington, where they’ve got six different tacos on Tuesdays for four bucks a pop.

But man, making me choose between tacos is like asking me to pick my favourite player from the 1989 Calgary Flames. OK, so it’s Lanny McDonald, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. So that’s why I ordered all six:

tallboys_tacos (1)

These tacos have got everything from pork to chicken to fish, beans to mushrooms to chili. But in this case, if I had to pick a favourite, it would hafta be the fish taco:

tallboys_fish_taco (2)

Man, this fish taco is festival of funk in Flavourtown! You’ve got a tasty piece of basa, with a light, yet crispy Steam Whistle beer batter, stuffed inside a corn tortilla with salsa, guac and a nice crunchy slaw. Dude, next time I think I’ll just order six of these…and at least one of everything else!

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