Stuffin’ my face full of steak frites @ Bacchanal

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but I like steak. I can eat a lot of it. For me, a nice steak dinner is a real-deal Alberta meal, but when I found this funky French joint that’s serving up steak ‘n fries from P.E.I., I was like, shut the back door, bro!!!

So we’re hanging out at Bacchanal, this funkalicious orgy of French flavourness on Sudbury St, in that no-man’s land between Liberty Village and West Queen West. This place has definitely got some funky dishes–escargot, confit pork shoulder, even Icelandic cod, but I was here for two reasons only: drink some beers, and eat some steak, son!!!

bacchanal_steak_frites (5)

This eight-ouncer was cooked on the rare side of medium-rare, slathered in Asian five-spice, and served with a hunka-hunka butter on top. Dude, Hunka-Hunka Butter is my stripper name, bro! The fries were thin, crisp and super-salty, so it’s a good thing they came with a massive side serving of donkey sauce! After slamming this steak, I almost didn’t have room for dessert…but I did have room for beer!

woodhouse_stout_beer (4)

This Woodhouse Brewing Co. Stout is kinda like Guinness…except it comes in a can, and they serve it in a fancier glass. You’ve got a dark, slightly chocolately taste that’s blacker than a banker’s heart, and it definitely goes great with steak, dude!!!!

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