Cinco de mayo tacos @ Seven Lives

Happy cinco de mayo, hermanos!!!! With a high of 25 in the city today, it’s the perfect weather to head down to Kensington Market for some real-deal Mexican tacos, bro! Seven Lives is serving it up Tijuana style with eight different tacos packed so full of meat and/or seafood that you need at least two tortillas to even try to contain them:

cabeza_taco (2)

I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecue cabeza! This super-tender beef cheek just melts in your mouth, and there’s so much meat here, it’s spilling out the back!

pulpo_taco (3)

Now here’s one you definitely don’t see every day. This pulpo taco was tastier than fiction, with some crisp celery to balance out the thin, chewy chunks of grilled octopus. There was so much food here that the double shell even started to break!!!


But you KNOW we gotta save room for the in-house special, El Gobernador. This Governor of Flavourtown pumps you up with smoked blue marlin, juicy shrimp, and, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, a hidden layer of melty cheese. You know I’ll be back for this one, bro!!!!

Now, I can normally eat five tacos for breakfast, but after scarfing down these three, I think I might only have room for one more…and by the time I get back in line, I might even change my mind! For six bucks a taco, you totally get your money’s worth, bro!!!!


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