Kiro dreams of spicy scallop sushi…

So, we’re hanging out at Kiro Sushi, this funky Japanese joint just offa Yonge Street, a sushi’s roll from the Toronto Reference Library. And speaking of sushi rolls, this place has no less than 16 different makis on their lunch menu, including this mac-daddy maki, the spicy scallop:

kiro_spicy_scallop (1)

These scallops are super creamy, with just a bit of cucumber, a nice crunch from the flakes and a tiny little kick from the Japanese donkey sauce. But because one good maki six-packy deserves another, you KNOW we’re not done here, bro!!!


This eel avocado roll is so outta bounds, it’s swimming backwards into a wall of fire, Matthew Good Bro! You’ve got these frickin yuuuge chucks of avocado, a nice, flaky piece of eel, and just a dollop of teriyaki sauce. And did I mention that six pieces of these, the six spicy scallops, plus a fistful of fresh fish is just 18 bucks after tax!? For a few dollars more, you can get extra sushi, or even some sashimi, son! And boom goes the dynamite!!!

kiro_sushi (2)


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