Ojibway fry bread Indian tacos @ Pow Wow Café

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a whole lotta killer, real-deal, Bomb.co.mx tacos in Kensington Market—you’ve got places like Seven Lives, El Trompo and even a little stall that’s selling its own handmade tortillas. But while most of these spots specialize in Mexican tacos, this funky little joint called Pow Wow Café is slinging something completely different…

pow_wow_indian_taco (9)

They call these Indian tacos, and they’re straight up OG gangsta. You’ve got a rich ‘n meaty beef chili, with some kidney beans and chickpeas, served on top of this amazeballs bannock fry bread. Dude, it’s like Beignets Gone Wild in Flavourtown! And while you can’t eat it with your hands, you definitely won’t leave here feeling hungry, even if you’ve only had “one” taco, bro!!!

pow_wow_indian_taco (13)

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