Funky half-priced wings @ Crown & Dragon

So, we’re hanging out at the Crown & Dragon, this cozy neighbourhood pub at Yonge and Davenport. This place is famous for wings, and they’ve got ‘em half price half the time—Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. And man, these guys have got a whole lotta funky flavours, bro!

country_western_wings (4)

Now, when I saw the Country Western wings, I was all over that like Charlie Pride on the first ticket to San Antone, son! And these wings have got both flavours: tangy AND spicy! Well OK, they’re not as spicy as they say. It’s sort of a mild BBQ sauce, with a big hit of horseradish at the end. Still more country than Sam Hunt, though…

roadside_lemonade_wings (1)

Now, these ones totally kicked the funkaliciousness up a notch. The Roadside Lemonade wings take real lemonade, and add some fresh rosemary for that piney finish. It actually kinda tastes like lemon chicken—and goes surprisingly well with ranch dip!

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