Daily Archives: June 30, 2018

No more Molson Canadian–this here is the best beer to drink for Canada Day!

Now, I am definitely not a fan of Molson Canadian. Even when this city was full of Molson-only bars, back before craft beer became a thing, I would stick with Molson Ex or Molson Dry. (Molson Dry is the pretty much the official beer of getting drunk in Montreal, bro!)

But sometimes, whether it was during the World Juniors, watching Olympic hockey or even on Canada Day, my patriotism would compel me to buy the beer with Canadian in its name. That was until I came across Black Creek Brewery’s Canadian Frontier, a much better beer…with Canadian in its name.

canadian_frontier (9)

Originally launched last year as Canada 150 beer, this British-style bitter is brewed in Black Creek Pioneer Village, so you KNOW they’re kickin’ it old-school! This red beer has a nice malty kick, with just a bit of bitterness, and tastes pretty refreshing when it’s 36 degrees outside. I’m about to go en roulant la boule roulant on a whole buncha these, coureur de bros!!!