Romeo, Romeo… pour me another beer, bro!

Dude, it’s been a while since I hung out around Gerrard and Pape, but just past Gerrard Square there’s a whole buncha places that I’ve never seen before. You’ve got Grinder for coffee, Blackjack BBQ, Chula Taberna for Mexican food…and this funky little joint named after a Thin Lizzy tune–they’ve even got a portrait of Phil Lynott behind the bar–this is Poor Romeo, bro!

hazed_and_confused_ipa (2)

Now, this place normally has 10 craft beers on tap–but they sold out of the Clutch APA right after I got there. Instead, I went with Hazed and Confused, this citrusy Vermont IPA from Muskoka Brewery. It totally went well with the 70’s rock soundtrack–we’re talking Aerosmith, Nazareth and The Cars, bro. Party at the Moontowner!!!!

blood_orange_saison (3)

Now, that last beer was pretty funky, but this one definitely kicks it up a notch! This Blood Orange Saison from Collingwood Brewery tastes like an Italian soda…but at 7.5%, it really sneaks up on ya!

gorditas_chorizo_papas (5)

Now, when it comes to grub, they’ve got a classic double burger, a pork loin, bacon and avocado sammy…and even a cornbread salad. But when I saw the chorizo con papas gorditas, I knew where this was going–dude, this is body by gorditas, senorita! You’ve got sausage, potato and queso fresco inside two round orbs of crusty deliciousness. These boys are back in town…and heading straight down my piehole!!!!


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