Cinco tacos locos @ Tacos El Asador

Dude, you know it’s miercoles, which can only mean one thing… Esta tiempo for some tacos, bro! So, we’re hanging out at Tacos El Asador, one of the OG Mexican joints in Toronto–right in the heart of Koreatown. Now, this place has got all kinds of Mexican food: tamales, burritos, tostadas, chicharones…but if you’re not slamming down at least a fistful of tacos here, then you’re definitely doing it wrong!

asador_chorizo_taco (2)

So, we’re kicking it off with the chorizo. This zesty Mexican sausage comes covered in traditional taco toppings like lettuce, tomato and pico de gallo. Ay caramba!

asador_fish_taco (1)

Next up, we’ve got the fish taco. Unlike most places, their fish isn’t breaded and deep-fried…but they totally smother it in mayo, though!

asador_carnitas_taco (2)

Now we’re moving on to the carnitas. Don’t let the veggies fool ya–there’s plenty of tasty cow face underneath!!!

asador_pastor_taco (4)

This hunka-funky taco al pastor don’t need no stinkin’ veggies–all we got here is a nice pineapple slice! (And I guess some onions…)

asador_goat_taco (3)

But you know we’re saving the funkiest of the funky bunch for last, Marky Wahl-bro! This is a birria taco, and no, that doesn’t mean it’s cooked in Corona. This goat taco is baaaad to the bone, bro!!!!

OK, so this place doesn’t have the most Instagrammable tacos–especially if you like pictures of meat. But did I mention that all this and a tallboy of Tecate was just 30 dolares? That’s like a five-taco discount in Flavourtown, hermanito!!!!!

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