Real-deal deep-fried dumplings @ Tibet Kitchen

So we’re hanging out on Queen St in Parkdale, where they’ve got like seven or eight Tibetan restaurants in just a couple blocks. Some of these places looked pretty funky, like Escape Goat or the Yak Cafe, but the only one with a legit backyard patio is Tibet Kitchen.

Now Tibetan food is a lot like Chinese, mixed in with some Indian, but what they’re most known for is dumplings–they call ’em momos, bro! And at this funky joint, you can get ’em all kinds of different ways: steamed, boiled, pan-fried, sizzling…but I had to go with the deep-fried Amdo Momos–dude, I’d eat just about anything if it’s deep-fried!!!!

deep_fried_momos (8)

OK, now let’s break it down. You’ve got a crispy, crunchy ball of flavour, stuffed with seasoned beef and onions. They serve ’em up in an eight-pack–for just 10 bucks, bro!–and they taste pretty good with just a little dab of chili sauce on top.

tibet_kitchen_chili_fries (8)

Speaking of chili, these Tibetan chili fries are! They’re super saucy, but not very spicy, with some nice bites of cilantro mixed in. Vive le Tibet libre!

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