Racking up some ribs @ Cherry St Bar-B-Que

Now, back when Assembly Chef’s Hall first opened, one of the first places I visited was Cherry St Bar-B-Que for some legit beef brisket. But now that it’s summertime, and they’ve got the sweet side patio, with an Airstream trailer serving up craft beer, I’ve come back…this time for some real-deal ribs:

cherry_st_ribs (6)

Now, a half rack of these babies will set ya back about 25 bucks, but they’re nice ‘n thick and meaty. Thing is, they aren’t really warm at 7 pm–they cook ’em earlier in the day, and leave ’em under plastic wrap. So the move might be to get ’em to go, and warm ’em up at home. Oh, and you might wanna grab some potato salad, too:

cherry_st_potato_salad (4)

Dude, this Potatopalooza is a slam dunk of funk in Flavourtown! These spuds are all seasoned up Greek style, with a buncha dill, and some purple onions on top. I don’t normally eat salad, but I would eat this off a flip flop!!!!

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