Welp, I know who’s winning Le Burger Week Toronto…

While it might be spreading across the country, Le Burger Week in Toronto is still not really a thing. This year’s competition only includes six burger joints…and half of them aren’t even in the city. Hey man, I’m not gonna go to Norwood or Cornwall just for a burger—but I don’t mind heading over to my burger bros at Holy Chuck, home of the mac-tastic Go Chuck Yourself, where they’ve got a Le Burger Week special that’s gonna blow the (lack of) competition away!

holy chuck_smokey_cowlorie (15)

They call this one The Smokey Cowlorie, and it’s like breakfast, lunch and dinner in a bun. They start by taking their Smokey Cow burger, which you can get on the regular menu, and then they kick it up a notch. You’ve got a nice, juicy, double bacon burger, with some smokey, melty, aged cheddar cheese, a nice bite of maple on the bacon…and then they add a fried egg, and put it all between two grilled cheeses, son! The yolk broke on my first bite, making this one all ooey, gooey, big and mooey. It’s definitely got my vote, dude!!!

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