Dumping a dozen juicy soup dumplings straight down my piehole!!!

So, we’re hanging out at Juicy Dumpling, this funky little joint that just opened up in the Dragon City Mall, right in the heart of Chinatown. Now this place has got both kinds of soup dumplings: steamed AND fried, and at just $2.99 for a six-pack, you know I’m gonna do both, bro!!!

juicy_steamed_soup_dumplings (4)

We’re starting with the steamed soup dumplings, with a nice, tender wrapper hiding diced pork and soup broth. Now, most soup dumplings are so big that you can scoop some of the soup out, but man, I can just eat these ones in one bite!

juicy_fried_soup_dumplings (3)

Now, I liked the steamed dumplings and all, but I think I gotta go with the fried. That crispy texture really kicks it up a notch! Plus, it’s not every day you can eat fried soup, dude!!!

deep_fried_dough (4)

Now, this place is also serving up all sorts of side dishes, from Chickity China chicken wings to my personal favourite, deep-fried dough. (That is literally what it says on the menu board.) Dude, this is body by deep-fried dough, bro! It tastes like a churro without the sweetness, and three big sticks of it was only like $2.50… Shut the back door!!!

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