Grabbing life by the tibs @ Ethiopian House

Now, there’s a few funky Ethiopian joints all over this city, but there’s only one that gets to be called Ethiopian House. This place is actually a house, just off of Yonge Street, that’s been turned into a restaurant, so there’s that. But hey, when you put it right in your name that you’re the home of Ethiopian food, then you know it’s gotta be pretty legit…and when it comes to this classic, pan-fried beef dish, I definitely can’t complain:

ethiopian_house_tibs (9)

Who needs beef ribs when you’ve got beef tibs, bro? OK, so maybe I still need beef ribs, but this dish is pretty tasty. You’ve got lotsa saucy beef bites, sauteed with onions, garlic, green peppers, tomatoes and jalapenos, served up on a great big piece of injera, a magical bread spoon in Flavourtown. Oh, and it also comes with a side salad…which you still eat with your hands for some reason???

ethiopian_house_tibs (17)

Mmm, finger salad…

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