Daily Archives: November 5, 2018

The Beer is Stranger Than Fiction.

Now, porter is probably not my favourite type of beer. I find a lot of them are too gimmicky, too desserty–they taste too much like coffee or chocolate or Guinness. But then I came across these crazy cans at the LCBO, and I figured they’d look good in my fridge…

stranger_than_fiction_beer (4)

Yes, this is all the same beer, even if it comes with different artwork. Collective Arts out of Hamilton is all about the local art scene–they even give you music recommendations–on their funky cans of Stranger Than Fiction porter.

stranger_than_fiction_beer (9)

Now, even though they do put chocolate in the beer, it’s also got a bit of a pale ale hoppiness to it. Not too much, mind you–you can still taste the molasses, but at least this one tastes like a beer, and not a chocolate milkshake or something…