It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…on Queen St!

Now, if there’s one thing I like more than Christmas, it’s drinking, and there’s this funky little pop-up joint on Queen St, just a puff-puff-pass from the Friendly Stranger, that lets you do both. Ho, ho ho, we’re hangin’ out at Miracle on Queen St, bro!!!

miracle_queen_st_cocktail_menu (1)

Now, at this place, all the cocktails have Christmas-y names. I almost went for the Bad Santa or the Snowball Old Fashioned…until I saw they had a drink named after my all-time favourite line from my all-time favourite Christmas flick–Yippie Ki Yay, Motherfucker!!!

yippiekiyay_motherfucker_cocktail (2)

Now, don’t ask me why this drink comes in a Santa’s lower-body mug. I was hoping they’d serve it in a sweaty undershirt, like John McClane would’ve wanted. And yes, there is more than just ice in this cup–you’ve also got rum, rum and more rum! OK, and then there’s Cachaca, Dry Curacao, Marshmallow Orgeat and sweet potato…but I mostly just taste the rum. I’m sooo gonna die hard with a vengeance, bro!!!

yuletide_amber_ale (1)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Triple B Flavourtown Roadtrip without me pounding at least one ice-cold brewski. The only beer they serve here is Henderson’s Yuletide Amber Ale, which is kinda like Rickard’s Red…but it comes in a much more festive can. But hey, just because they only have one beer doesn’t mean you can only drink one beer–let’s just say I gave this guy a great big bro-to-bear hug on the way back to the bar:

miracle_queen_st (7)


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