Tangy tzatziki & grilled octopus @ Soulas Modern Greek

Man, when I heard that Pan on the Danforth shut down last summer, I was breaking plates like Nia Vardalos, bro! But the good thing is that the owners just opened up this new funky joint a few doors down in Greektown called Estiatorio Soulas, so I know they know what’s up. This place looks like a cozy, neighbourhood gastropub…if your local gastropub served Greek food. And lemme tell ya, their tzatziki is totally on point:

soulas_tzatziki+pita (3)

Now, that’s the real-deal cucumber spread, son–it’s even got a cucumber garnish! The tzatziki is super creamy, with a nice tang, and it goes great with some fresh hot pita bread… Dude, I’m about to get freaky with this tzatziki!!!

greek_grilled_octopus (7)

But you KNOW we’re not here to fill up on bread, bro! This grilled octopus gets down with the tangyness in a white wine grape vinegar dill sauce, with spinach, onions and peppers. This might only be on the appetizer menu, but after enough tzatziki to feed a small army, it totally eats like a meal!

volkan_blonde_beer (3)

When I walked into this funky joint, I saw they had a few Woodhouse taps at the bar…but when you’re in Greektown, you gotta go with the Greek brews! Now, they were all outta the Volkan Wheat beer, so instead I went with Volkan Blonde, which is kinda like a slightly better Heineken…cept you won’t find this one at the LCBO, bro!!!

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