Oodles of noodles @ Awas Tea Noodle

Now, neither noodles or soup are normally a part of my diet, but if you put the two together in a bowl with some beef brisket, then I could go for that. We’re hanging out at Awas Tea Noodle, this funky little joint right in the heart of Downtown Chinatown, where they’re serving up some real-deal Taiwanese food that’s heading straight down my piehole. Text me these noods, bro!!!!

awas_beef_noodle_soup (7)

What we’ve got here is a boiled beef bone broth, with some thick ‘n slurpy noodles, baby bok choi and green onion…oh yeah, with some beef brisket on top! Now, this is definitely different from southern smoked BBQ brisket, but any way you slice it, I’m probably still gonna eat it!!!

awas_lemon_tea (1)

Now, as much as I might like to wash down some beef soup with a nice cold beer, you can’t get that here–so I settled for a lemon ice tea, instead. This beverage was fresh and refreshing, and I was surprised to find they actually left the tea bag at the bottom. This might be the only time that getting teabagged ain’t a bad thing, broseph!!!!

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